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KELVEDON HATCH BUNKER. Thursday 7th September 2023. £60.00


Secret nuclear bunker

Designed for up to 600 military and civilians, even the Prime Minister, their collective task being to organise the survival of the population in the awful aftermath of a nuclear war.

The Kelvedon Hatch bunker was built in 1952–53 as part of ROTOR. ROTOR was a programme to improve and harden Britain’s air defence network. It was constructed by Peter Lind & Company of London who still trade today  The bunker is built 125 feet (38 m) underground and the entrance is through an ordinary looking bungalow (a standard ROTOR ‘Guard House’) set amongst trees. The inside of the bungalow leads to a 100 yards (91 m) tunnel entering the R4 at its lowest floor (of three). Above are two more floors, the ‘hill’ which covers it, and a radio mast.

The bunker was able to accommodate some hundreds of personnel (the numbers changing as function and form varied over the years) and could sustain them for up to three months.

Leave Upper Brents and Court Street 9.00am. Leave Kelvedon Hatch at apprx 2.30pm